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HP 2000 Series Laptop (AMD CPU, 6GB RAM, 500GB Storage)

HP 2000 Series Laptop (AMD CPU, 6GB RAM, 500GB Storage)

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HP laptops are renowned for their high quality, and this particular model lives up to that reputation. It comes with brand-new and thoroughly tested RAM and storage, making it an ideal choice for the average user who primarily engages in basic, lightweight tasks. While it may not deliver high-end performance, it is more than capable of handling light browsing, online shopping, and occasional offline gaming. Additionally, this laptop features an optical drive, allowing you to enjoy your favorite titles whenever you have the opportunity. Overall, this laptop deserves a solid A Grade.

CPU: AMD E-300
Storage: 500GB HDD
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics - 1366 x 768
OS: Windows 10 Home
Battery: Good
Drive Health: New
SKU: BPC-01840

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