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Dell Latitude E6430 14" (i5, 8GB, 525GB SSD) w/ 90 Day Warranty!

Dell Latitude E6430 14" (i5, 8GB, 525GB SSD) w/ 90 Day Warranty!

Обычная цена $179.00 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $179.00 USD
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Introducing the Dell Latitude series, a remarkable product known for its durable build and superb quality. With just very light scratches on the front and back, this refurbished gem remains in great condition. Equipped with a 500GB+ Solid State Drive and Windows 11 Pro, you can expect lightning-fast startup times and optimal performance. Even those on tight budgets can seize the opportunity to experience its business-ready features. Accompanied by a standard OEM charger, this amazing product is truly a game-changer.

CPU: Intel Core i5-3340M
Storage: 525GB SSD
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 1366 x 768
OS: Windows 11 Pro
Battery: Good
Drive Health: New
SKU: BPC-02257

JUST serviced by our excellent team of technicians! We are the highest rated computer repair shop in western North Carolina. Featured in several magazines. Every computer goes through the same extensive testing, whether it's a refurb computer, or a customer's repair. If you receive the computer and have any issues, you can look up & call our store to speak directly to a tech!
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